A-F Betafood

What is A-F Betafood?

A-F Betafood comprises of very many ingredients that work together to improve the overall health of your body. These ingredients are derived from both plants and animal sources. Carrot roots and beet roots provide vitamins, betaine and natural antioxidants.

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A-F Betafood also has Iodine and other minerals that work to ensure maximum health benefit7.

Health Benefits

A-F Betafood provides numerous health benefits to a person such as:

Protects liver

Liver is an important organ in your body and is divided into right and left lobes. The main functions of liver are to filter blood, detoxify chemicals in your blood and manufacture vital proteins for your body.

A-F Betafood  can help enhance the health of your liver so that it performs its functions effectively. A-f betafood contains betaine, which has lipotrophic characteristics to promote transportation and use of fat in your body. This ensures that fat does not pile up in your liver to cause serious damage to it.

Supports metabolic functions

Metabolic functions are very critical for proper functioning of the body. Any problem in one of your metabolic function will lead to catastrophic complications. Taking A-F Betafood can help you maintain the health of your metabolic functions.

A-F Betafood has vitamins B, which help in breaking down glycogen and Iodine that is used to produce thyroid hormones, which regulate your body’s metabolism rate, growth and development. It has also magnesium that assists in metabolizing fats and carbohydrates to provide energy for you to perform other activities.

Supports cellular health

A-F Betafood contains potassium, beets, as well as vitamins A and B, which promote your body’s cellular health. Beets consist of folate to support formation and maintenance of your body’s new cells. Vitamin B6 promotes the manufacture and proper functioning of red blood cells in your body.

Uses of A-f betafood

A-F Betafood have many uses such as

Hyperthyroidism Treatment

Thyroid gland is found in your neck and it is one of the endocrine system glands. It is used to manufacture thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism activities in your body; it controls how your body uses energy. The following are some of the body functions regulated by thyroid hormones:

  • Heart rate
  • Breathing
  • Menstrual
  • Body temperature.

Thyroid gland uses iodine from the food you eat to produce two hormones called triiodothyronine (T3 and thyroxine (T4).Normally, your thyroid gland cannot produce excess or too little of these hormones. However, when your thyroid gland is overactive, it will produce too much of triiodothyronine (T3 and thyroxine (T4) hormones leading to a condition called hyperthyroidism.

Excess triiodothyronine (T3 and thyroxine (T4) hormones in your blood may increase your heart rate, lead to diarrhea and weight gain. Other symptoms of too much thyroid hormone include:

  • Loss of hair on your body.
  • Being too nervous, shaking and irritable
  • You may fail to see your menstrual periods or experience very light periods.
  • Too much anxiety and changes in your moods
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Feeling too tired or having weak muscles.

Hyperthyroidism can be diagnosed through a physical assessment by your doctor. The doctor examines your symptoms and also can conduct other thyroid tests such as Iodine uptake test to determine the amount of Iodine in your blood.

Hyperthyroidism can be treated by a radioactive Iodine therapy, which is taken as liquid or capsule2. This radiation is used to destroy all thyroid cells that are malignant or cancerous.

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Vitamin A deficiency refers to having little vitamin A in the blood and in your tissues. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to poor eye health;

it stops formation of vital pigments that are responsible for proper functioning of the retina and hence causes night blindness. Lack of vitamin A also hinders your eyes from providing sufficient moisture to lubricate the cornea and other parts of your eye.

Lack of vitamin A also affects your skin; it makes your skin dry, develop scales and become thick. Vitamin A deficiency is also associated with respiratory infections and measles because your immune system is impaired, which makes you vulnerable to infections.

These vitamin A deficiency conditions can be prevented when you increase intake of vitamins A in your diet or use vitamin A medications to treat them.

There are two sources of vitamins A:

  • Beta carotene
  • Active vitamin A.

A-F Betafood carotene has antioxidant characteristics to boost your immune system and prevent against chronic infections like measles. Vitamin A eye drops are excellent in treating eye problems and prevent dryness in your eyes.

A-F Betafood tablets are also effective in treating Vitamin A deficiency because they contain vitamin A and other minerals to help improve your skin, prevent night blindness and other eye disorders.

Side Effects

A-F Betafood tablets can lead to serious side effects on your health. The most common side effects associated with A-F Betafood tablets you can experience include redness on certain areas of your body, nausea and vomiting and finding it difficult to breath. Other possible side effects of A-F Betafood tablets are as follows:

  • Headache
  • Irritation of your skin
  • Eyes become dry
  • Having trouble to see
  • Your skin may develop rashes
  • Hepatitis
  • Your face and lips may become swollen.

Interaction with Other Drugs

There are some drugs that can interact with A-F Betafood tablets and worsen its side effects or affect the proper working of the drug. It is advisable that you record all the medicines, supplements and vitamins you have been using and inform your doctor. The doctor will be able to help you prevent and manage the effects associated with drug interactions.

The following are some of the drugs and products that may interact with A-F Betafood tablets:

  • Warfarin
  • Lithium
  • Birth control pills
  • Amiodarone

What you Should Consider before Using?

Some medical conditions will increase your vulnerability to side effects of A-F Betafood tablets. You should therefore tell your doctor about existing medical conditions and diseases, allergic reaction and a list of medicines used. This will enable your doctor devise treatment options to manage medical conditions to prevent you from further complications.

Before using A-F Betafood tablets follow the instructions of your doctor and those written on the drug. In addition, discuss with your doctor if you experience any of the following:

  • You are expectant, planning to be pregnant or breastfeeding
  • You have high blood pressure
  • You are allergic to A-F Betafood tablets
  • You have an eye infection.

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