Tragus Piercing

What is a Tragus Piercing?

A tragus piercing is a body piercing on the tragus, a small prominence on the ear. Some anatomic points to consider are the structures of the ear. The tragus project backward and allows a more improved hearing capacity from sound that come from behind. Its counterpart, the antitragus projects forwards and upwards. Most people stick to a conservative earlobe piercing and earing jewelry.

But for a more prominent display of jewelry, people may opt to put piercings on the tragus and the antitragus. Unique personality and the desire for a new look may nudge you in this direction to try out this piercing. Tragus piercing requires the services of an experienced professional as the tragus displays harder cartilage consistency and may place it at risk for mastoiditis, bleeding complications or infections. The issue of pain is also something to consider, different people have different pain thresholds but over-the-counter pain medications are readily available for pain.

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Given that the tragus is a small triangular prominence of the ear, its low nerve ending composition and relatively immobile nature makes it less prone to irritation and pain.

How is tragus piercing done?

The patient is made to lie down either prone or supine to facilitate stabilization of the body. A cork is placed at the external auditory meatus to prevent any inadvertent piercing of the ear. The area is then swabbed with antiseptic to prevent any infections. A sharp, hollow sterile needle is inserted firmly into the tragus.

A little bleeding will occur but the tragus is relatively avascular compared to other skin structures and will stop shortly unless you have a bleeding or clotting disorder. The tragus jewelry is then inserted into the hole created and assessed for adequacy of fit. A tragus piercing kit is composed of gauge 18 sterilized needles, a cork, an antiseptic of choice and latex gloves.

It should be noted that this is a slightly risky procedure and should never be done at home or by a non-professional. There are things to watch out for after a tragus piercing. Infection rates are relatively low, but if there is a chance that the pierced area has been infiltrated with bacteria, a depressed immune system or unhygienic practices may result into infection. A topical antibiotic prescribed by a physician will cure the infection.


There are three types of tragus piercing, vertical, surface and antitragus. The tragus is pierced twice. Of note, the surface tragus is just below the skin and therefore the most painful of all the tragus piercings to be done. Tragus Piercing picture 2

Different kinds of jewelries for tragus piercing

There are selections of jewelries that can be used to accentuate and fit your style. Studs are small and discreet. They can be used to balance a fashion statement with a sense of professionalism. Tragus Piercing picture 3

What are other things to watch out for in a tragus piercing?

As already said before, the tragus is relatively immobile and is hardly prone to irritation such as constant movement in exercise or daily activities of living. However, if the tragus piercing is a bit large, it may cause skin disruptions or a full blown allergic reaction that may cause inflammation and easy movement across the area. There is also a chance that an infection may develop and penetrate the mastoid bone causing mastoiditis.

After a tragus piercing, since the tissue is relatively avascular, it will take a longer time to heal. It usually takes 2 months for the piercing to heal and may take as long as 6 months. And thus, a great deal of care attention must be given to the tragus to ensure that it heals as rapidly as possible. Inspect the tragus daily for any signs of infection such as warmth, tenderness or pain. The tragus piercing should also be clean, with neither crusty nor weeping areas around the piercing. If you see these signs and symptoms, please consult the nearest medical practitioner for treatment; bleeding, swelling, discharges, jaw pain, soreness or foul smell.

How long will the tragus piercing last?

The tragus piercing will last as long the jewelry stays in place. The cartilage that comprises the tragus is still going to attempt to close the wound created and if not placed with jewelry, it may form scar or fibrous tissue and may totally close the wound. As long as it stays in place, the jewelry will keep the wound open and will last indefinitely.

How much does a tragus piercing cost, how about the jewelry?

Prices vary from places due to the simple nature of the procedure. In the United States, prices may vary from $30 to $50. In Europe, the prices may be from $30 to $40. The jewelry also costs about the same as the procedure itself setting your operation at an average of $90 to $120. If you’re looking to get a good bargain, check out your local artists who are willing to hook you up and provide great prices and service.

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Tragus piercing is one of the latest fashion trends in the early 2000. Since the start of the century, a lot of body piercings have been introduced from nose, frenulum and others. But what makes the tragus piercings appealing are its lasting nature and the ability to make a good fashion statement. Try one on for size!

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