A-F Betafood

What is A-F Betafood? A-F Betafood comprises of very many ingredients that work together to improve the overall health of

Orphenadrine Citrate

What Is Orphenadrine Citrate? Orphenadrine citrate (ORPH) is an anticholinergic medical agent. Its most prominent indication is Parkinson’s disease in

Calf Cramps

What is Calf Cramps? Calf Cramps are doing your running exercise during your early routine then suddenly the muscles of

Epley Maneuver

What Is Epley Maneuver? Epley maneuver refers to a sequence of movements conducted on the head to treat benign positional

Argyll Robertson Pupil

What is Argyll Robertson pupil? Argyll Robertson pupil refers to small bilateral pupils that are able to constrict when an


What is Cherubism? Cherubism is a congenital childhood disease considered to be of autosomal dominant inheritance. Cherubism is characterized by


What is Lionitis? Lionitis, also known as craniodiaphysealdysplsia (CDD) is a bone disorder that comes about as a result of

Iliac Crest

What is Iliac Crest? Iliac crest is situated on the top margin (superior corner) of the ileum. When you rest

Gallbladder Attack

What is Gallbladder Attack? A gallbladder attack is better known medically as “acute cholecystitis” which may or may not be

Green Poop

What is Green Poop? The look, texture, consistency, and smell of poop could say something about your health. People tend