Black Specks in Stool


You’re on your toilet while when you look down you saw your poop as black as squids’ ink accompanied by tiny specks. Then you get worried about it and begin to think of what you should do. Well you might need some intense information of how your stool can be black or have specks on it, but before that, flush the toilet first before you leave.

What are those Black Specks in Stool?

When people saw something unusual on their stool they get hysterical and paranoid but for some they just neglect it just like easily flushing the toilet bowl after using it. But, what really causing the black specks on your stool? What are they?

Black Specks in stool- When talking about stool and have seen an appearance of black specks on it, people usually assumed that it is because of blood but it does not always indicate a blood loss. According to Dr. Binderow, a drop of blood in the stool do not suggests as black specks. The presence of blood spots or specks may appear such as black or red. Take note, the difference between the black specks in stool and a black stool.

Black stool

Appearance of the stool to be black does not suggest any sign of medical attention, mainly it only cause by the food you eat or some medications you take.

Black Specks in stool

Presence of specks or spot on your stool is number one sign that there is something wrong going on with your gut. It may not always be related to gastrointestinal tract but it is really important to have a trip your Gastroenterologist.

Black Specks in Stool

Causes of Black Specks

The occurrence of black specks in poop indicates a bleeding from the upper gastrointestinal tract (GI) but it may not always be some of the factors can also contribute to have black specks on your stool.

Upper GI bleeding

In most of the case the instances when there is a bleeding usually occurs on the upper part of the gut, because as the blood passes through the stomach, it is being digested together with the food that we intake and mixes up therefore possibly shown a specks but instead a diffused color black of the stool.

blood in stool causes GI bleeding

Lower GI Bleeding

When the lower gastrointestinal tract happen to have bleeding, the stool can be seen to have a distinct spots on the surface and the stool usually appear to be in red in color. This is because the blood that passes through in the stomach is not digested.

The bleeding happened when particular individual is taking some medications (ibuprofen, naproxen, pepto bismol and aspirin) to aid medical condition such as infections of the intestine or in the stomach, inflammation, gastric ulcers, gasophageal varices with gastrointestinal walls. Therefore, taking this kind of drugs may tend to cause your stool to be black in color.

Other factor also contributes as the main causative ingredient to appear your stool to be black and have specks on its surface. Some food that we take like banana, Strawberry, blackberries, blueberries, undercooked meat, black pepper or coffee can sometimes cause of black specks in the stool. Such as a simple undigested seeds of food can results to the appearance of specks on the surface of the stool. Therefore, keep an eye always to the food you take.

Color differences of the stool

Pinpointing the color of your stool aside from the texture, appearance shape and size can also give you a hint of the status of your digestive organ.

  • Brown – for healthy individual, the appearance of brown stool suggests that everything is normal and there’s nothing to worry about.
  • Yellow – appearance of yellow stool indicates a fat absorption such as Steatorrhea. It is accompanied with very foul odor and sometimes the poop floats with the presence of oil.
  • Green – green poop is not indicative matters. It is generally depends on the food that you take such as green leafy vegetable or healthy fruits.
  • Dark – dark poop or black specks in the stool suggests bleeding somewhere in the GI tract or occurrence of infection. It can also be a sign of cancer in the colon.

stool color chart

When to seek Medical Attention?

The poop says a lot about the overall status of your digestive system. Whenever you try to release your poop, always take time or few seconds to scrutinize some details of its texture, appearance, size and color.

If happens to see unusual things on your stool rather than being paranoid, it is best to visit your health professional to conduct some screening and stool exam. Because something “unusual” on the surface, texture, color, size of your stool can indicate some serious health ailments.

For example, if you experienced to have some symptoms like abdominal pain, cramps on your stomach, lack of appetite and diarrhea accompanied by the presence of black specks on the stool, you really need to consult your doctor.


Some preventive measures may help to eliminate those black specks appearances on your stool. In some circumstances you may also take note of you food diet and observe your stool after sometimes. Below are some best suggestions in order to determine whether you need to seek your doctor or just stay calm and think thoroughly of what could be the cause of the stool coloration.

  • Maintained your healthy diet but for some quite period of time, you might want to cut the food intake that contains some indigestible seeds. Then observe and examine thoroughly your stools to see if your diet has made difference.
  • If you are drugs (mentioned above), abstained from taking it for some time but be sure to ask the medical advice coming from your doctor.
  • If the appearance of specks in stool persists, make an appointment to your health doctor. Always remember, “Prevention is better than cure.”



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