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What is Calories Burned Calculator?

Calories Burned Calculator is used to determine the amount of energy an individual expends doing an activity. Measuring calories will help you know the amount of calories to burn and the type of diet to eat in order to lose weight. 1

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Health and Fitness Websites and Apps

Smartphones can be used to help you manage your weight loss. There are numerous apps available for you to download; some of these apps are free while others require a premium to be paid before using them. With many apps available, it can be daunting to select the best app that meets your needs.

The first step is to choose the appropriate health and fitness app. The best app allows you to track the calories lost during a particular physical activity by providing a detailed list of various physical activities you can choose from. These apps require you to provide your weight and height information in order to accurately calculate the amount of calories burnt.

Weight changes often and therefore measure your weight as well as height. The following are some of the health and fitness websites and apps you can use to help you manage your weight:

My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular websites for measuring calories. It has a big nutrition database which contains many foods to help you choose the foods you eat. The website also allows you to download your recipe or include your own foods in the database.

It also has an exercise log to register your physical activities and a daily food dairy to keep track of food you are eating. The website uses this information to track your weight reduction. It is also used determine the amount of calories to take daily as well as show the amount of calories you have lost during the exercise.

MyFitnessPal provides an app that you can use in managing your weight. The app is a free offer with limited features, but you can get a premium one with many features at a fee.

Other websites that can help you track and manage weight include:

How to use Health Tracker Apps And Websites?

You can only use these health and fitness apps after downloading the appropriate one from Google play store and you have collected required personal information. Once you have done this, enter the necessary information such as weight and height into the app during the set up process.

After installing the app, you can start to track the calories burned by selecting the type of physical activity you are performing from a list of activities on the app. In many of these apps, the workout exercises performed and the food consumed are provided in a daily summary dairy to help you track your weight loss.

In addition, these apps will also help you track the amount of calories you are taking in as you manage your weight. On the website, you simply register for an account on the appropriate health tracker website and log in to start using it.

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Physical Activities

The following are some of the physical exercises that can be measured by calorie counter apps:

Cycling or biking

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Cycling is considered one of the best exercises to help a person to lose as many calories as possible. The amount of calories you expend depends on the intensity or effort of your cycling. The following cycling efforts can show you the amount of calories to lose:

Light cycling

Light cycling is when you cycle at speeds of between 10-11mph. Cycling at these speeds can help you burn out nearly 47 calories per mile if your weight is 190 pounds, approximately 38 calories per mile if your weight is 155 pounds and almost 32 calories per mile if your weight is 130 pounds.

Moderate cycling

Moderate cycling involves speeds of 12 to 13.9mph. A person who cycles at these speeds can lose 53 calories per mile if his /her weight is 190 pounds, almost 43 calories if the weight is 150 pounds and 32 calories if you weigh 130 pounds.

Very intense or vigorous cycling

Vigorous cycling is when you cycle at speeds of 14 to 15.9mph. When bicycling at higher speeds; you lose a lot of calories compared to when cycling at lower speeds.

When you cycle at 14 to 15.9mph, you lose 58 calories per mile if you are 190 pounds, nearly 47 calories per mile if you weigh 155 pounds and 39 calories per mile if your weight is 130 pounds.

Calories Burned Swimming calculator

Calorie burned calculator uses average metabolic rates to help you estimate the amount of calories lost during swimming. Swimming calorie counter uses your weight, time spend swimming, the swimming stroke and speed used to finish each distance.

Swimming is a good workout exercise that benefits your overall body fitness. It involves all of your muscles and hence it is considered one of the best in helping you burn many calories. Swimming is categorized into the following groups:

  • Backstroke
  • Butterfly
  • Breaststroke
  • Freestyle

Factors that Affect Calories Burned when Swimming

The calories you lose while swimming depends on the following factors: age, speed, the type of stroke used, length or distance covered, time spend in swimming, gender and level of skill.

Time spend in swimming

The time you spend swimming will significantly affect the amount of calories lost than speed. You will lose more calories when you spend more time in your swimming exercises than performing it at higher speeds.


Gender also plays a crucial role in the amount of calories burnt. Men usually have a lot of muscles than women and hence are able to lose a lot of calories in swimming workout exercises than women.

Type of stroke

The amount of calories you lose depends on the type of swimming stroke you are using. When you swim backstroke, you will be able to reduce a lot of Calories Burned Calculator than breaststroke. While a butterfly stroke can help you burn more Calories Burned Calculator than breaststroke depending on your speed, weight, and distance covered.

Distance of swimming

The size of the normal swimming pool is normally 25 -50 meters. The length covered during swimming is the distance you will Calories Burned Calculator if you weigh 150 pounds irrespective of your speed.

Calories Burned Running Calculator

Running is a good exercise to help you achieve your goal of reducing Calories Burned Calculator . It is an activity you can do alone at home. You only need to purchase quality shoes to avoid injuries while running. The Calories Burned Calculator  counter will use your weight, speed, distance and time to calculate Calories Burned Calculator burnt out.

The amount of Calories Burned Calculator will depend on your weight, the intensity of running exercises and time spend in running. A runner with a larger weight will lose a lot of calories because more energy is used to move a heavy body over a particular distance.

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